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Mafficking Border Morris

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Victorian-Gothic themed, border-style morris dancing team based in Portsmouth

We meet every Tuesday evening 8pm-10pm

Throughout the practice season (October to April), you can usually find us in the back bar at Ye Old Oyster House, 291 Locksway Rd, Southsea, Portsmouth PO4 8LH

If you would like to join us as either a dancer or musician, everyone is welcome to come along - even if you have two left feet or your neighbours bang on your wall because of the racket you are making!

Feel free to have a read of our constitution which can be found at

What is Mafficking?

Mafficking - Getting rowdy in the streets

The term “mafficking” was coined during the South African War (also known as the Second Boer War) and specifically refers to the events surrounding the lifting of the siege of Mafikeng (or Mafeking) on May 17, 1900. Here’s why it gained prominence:

  1. Siege of Mafikeng: During the war, British forces were besieged by a larger Afrikaner (Boer) force in the town of Mafikeng. The siege lasted for 217 days, and the British held out until reinforcements arrived.
  2. Victory and Celebration: When the siege was finally lifted, there was immense relief and joy among the British troops and civilians. The celebration that followed was marked by boisterous rejoicing, lively behaviour, and noisy festivities.
  3. Media and Popularization: The term “maffick” gained popularity, especially in journalistic writing. It described the exuberant and jubilant celebrations that took place in Mafikeng after the siege was over.
  4. Historical Context: The word itself is derived from the name of the town, Mafikeng. It became synonymous with exultant celebrations and was used to describe any similar occasions of unrestrained joy.
  5. In summary, “mafficking” emerged as a vivid expression of jubilation during a significant historical event, and its usage has persisted in historical accounts and literature, even though it is relatively uncommon today.

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